Natural Medicine Health Consultations

Natural Medicine Health Consultations

Natural Medicine Health Consultations: The first appointment lasts one hour. A detailed medical and lifestyle history of the patient is taken. Blood pressure is checked and a physical examination is carried out, if necessary. Specific diagnostic tests may be suggested, if they would be of benefit.

Medication is not included in the Consultation Fee. Treatment includes advice on nutrition, health supplements and lifestyle. Natural medicine is prescribed and supplied to meet each patient's unique needs. We do not have a one size fits all approach. Natural medication may be in liquid or tablet form. Creams, ointments or essential oil blends can be formulated as part of the prescription, if appropriate.

A follow up appointment of half an hour is needed 4 weeks after the initial consultation to check on progress, review test results and to adjust medication as necessary. Patients are usually seen every four weeks until their health issue is resolved.

Cost of medicines: Natural medicine tablets/capsules from £20 for one month's supply (cost is dependent on the medicinal plant medication used for your health issue); creams, ointment and essential oil blends from £21.00 depending on the type of cream/ointment/oil blends and size.

If you would like to book a Natural Medicine Health Consultation, please call for an appointment...